Mentoring Programs

Providing support,
friendship, and guidance

the challenges girls and young women face

Recent research and surveys conducted by the Australian National University and Mission Australia show that girls and young women in the ACT feel overwhelmed, stressed, and uncertain about their future. Factors that contribute include:

Helping girls and young women fearlessly find their way

For girls and young women in the Canberra region who are facing life’s challenges and would like friendship, support and guidance from someone who’s been there. Our mentoring program is a completely free service, which:

It is a sharing safe environment to talk


Positive benefits for girls and young women who get involved with Fearless Women include:


A better perspective on life, a love of learning, and greater creativity and curiosity.


Increased social intelligence, compassion, caring, and kindness for others.


Improved leadership and teamwork skills and a sense of fairness for all.


Improved self-regulation, judgment, and forgiveness.


An appreciation of excellence, gratitude, humour, hope and the beauty in our world.


Resilience, honesty, bravery and perseverance when faced with difficult situations.

In the ACT


of young women were concerned with their body image, compared with 15% of young men. 1

In the ACT


of young women were concerned about their mental health issues, compared with 25% of young men. 1

In the ACT


of young women were concerned with coping with stress, compared with 30% for males. 1

In the ACT


of girls said school or study problems was a concern compared to 22% of boys. 1

In the ACT just


of girls were extremely or very confident in their ability to achieve their study or work goals after school compared to 50% boys in the ACT or 46% of young people nationally. 1

In the ACT


of young women felt mental health was a barrier impacting on the achievement of study or work goals compared with 40.8% of males. 1

In the ACT


of young women aged 20-24 had negative feelings for their future. 3

In the ACT only


of young women feeling positive or very positive about the future. 1

In the ACT


of young women felt lonely all or most of the time compared with 16.3% of young men. 3

In the ACT only


of young women aged 20-24 felt their health and wellbeing was balanced. 3

In the ACT only


of young women aged 16-19 year felt their health and wellbeing was balanced. 3

In the ACT


of young women aged 20-24 felt stressed. 3

In the ACT


of young women aged 16-19 years felt stressed. 3

In Australia


of girls who repeatedly self-injured when aged 14-17 reported attempting suicide at age 16-17. 4

In Australia


of girls self-harmed at both ages 14-15 and 16-17, compared to 1% of boys. 4

In the ACT


of girls reported thinking about self-harm at 14-15 or 16-17, compared to 18% of boys. 2

In the ACT girls aged


experience a higher rate of psychological distress than any other Australian jurisdiction. 2

In the ACT girls aged


were twice as likely than young men to report high psychological distress. 2

In the ACT

1 in 3

girls aged 15-19 met the criteria for serious mental illness. 2

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