How We Help

Where girls and young women can see what they can be

We help girls and young women thrive, not just survive

Providing a sense of belonging within our safe, inclusive community and boosting self-belief, inner strength, confidence, courage, and hope allows girls and young women to find their voice and understand who they are and what they want to be. 

All our programs are free to girls and young women, their families and their communities in the Canberra region.


Fearless women
in schools

Visiting schools throughout the Canberra region, we talk to girls and young women about the importance of wellbeing, self-empowerment, and self-value. 

Mentoring Programs


Our mentoring program pairs girls and young women with a woman who’ll listen without judgment and offer friendship, support, and wisdom. 


Under development

Our fully accredited counsellors provide professional guidance and resources to develop independence and resilience. 

For girls and young women

We know how challenging life can be. Difficult relationships with your parents, siblings or friends, pressure to do well at school or college, comparing yourself to others, and dealing with social media could be just some of the issues you’re coping with.

But we also know how valuable and amazing you are. And to help you discover who you are and see all that you can be, we’d love to welcome you into the Fearless Women sisterhood. We’ll provide support, friendship, and guidance and give you the tools to learn to fear less and deal with whatever challenges life throws your way with confidence and resilience. 

For parents and carers

If your daughter or a young woman you know is having difficulties coping with life events, experiences, or challenges, such as lack of self-confidence and resilience, conflict with family or friends, bullying, or issues at school, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

At Fearless Women, we provide support, guidance, and encouragement to girls and young women in the Canberra region through our free programs. Our safe, inclusive community provides positive role modelling where we talk about wellbeing, self-empowerment, and self-value and provide the tools and resources girls and young women need to thrive in life, not just survive.

For referrers

Fearless Women accepts referrals from any agency, school, medical practitioner, or other professional who support girls and young women in the Canberra region with challenges they’re experiencing.

To make a referral, we simply ask that you contact us to provide some background information on the young woman and her situation to ensure we’re the best fit for her. Because while we try to help every young woman and her family, we’re also aware that some situations may require a professional or specialised service that Fearless Women simply does not have.