About Us

Fearless Women

Where girls and young women can see who and what they can be

Fearless Women provides girls and young women in the ACT with a dedicated outreach and support service which:

Allowing girls and young women to live life fearlessly. 

Our History

Backed by research and evidence, Fearless Women was established to meet the ever-increasing needs of girls, young women, and their families within our community.

While mentoring and support programs for boys and young men had been running for several years, Fearless Women recognised that a significant gap existed in the market by not offering similar, girls-only programs.

Our free counselling, mentoring, and education programs provide support, positive role modelling, a sense of belonging, and healthy skills development, allowing girls and young women to fearlessly find their way in life.  

Meet our Fearless Women

Alexis McDonald

Education Officer

Amy Campbell

Program Officer

Greta Mauwa

Program Coordinator

Glenda Stevens


Trish McDonell

Governed by a board of talented people

Alison Calear

Board Member

Rachel Fishlock

Board Member

Ramya Balachandren

Board Member

Delfina Shakespear

Board Member

Shannon Wilson-McClinton

Board Member

Gai Brodtmann

Board Member

Rebecca Gorman

Board Member

Judy Waters

Board Member

Kerry Sargent

Board Member